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Which Window Treatment Suits Your Needs?

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Window treatments are not only intended for decorative purposes, but also to help your home to be more energy efficient. Cleverly selected blinds or shutters can help reduce heat loss during the cold winter months, while keeping the home cool in summer. However, window treatments don’t help to reduce air leakage, and you will have to weatherstrip or caulk around the windows for that. However, blinds in Toronto and shutters can add a lot of beauty and functionality to your home. Let’s look at the two options to see which is best for your needs.

Why Choose Blinds?

Both horizontal blinds and vertical slat-type window blinds are most effective for reducing indoor summer heat. Due to the fact that there are many openings between the slats, controlling heat loss is less effective in winter. However, the flexibility it offers in summer is a huge benefit.

While shades cover the window entirely, blinds can be adjusted to allow in the exact amount of light you want to let in. When you close highly reflective blinds completely on a sunny window, you can reduce heat gain by up to 45%.

Additionally, you can adjust blinds to block direct sunlight while reflecting it onto light-colored ceilings, which will diffuse the light without too much glare or heat.

Why Choose Shades?

Properly installed window pleated shades can offer a simple and effective window treatment for homeowners wishing to save energy.

For optimum efficiency, shades should be mounted very close to the glass. The sides should be close to the wall in order to create a sealed air space. In summer, you can lower the shades on sunlit windows. During the day, in winter, raise the shades on the south side of your home, and lower them at night.

Dual shades offer even greater efficiency. Opt for shades that are white on the one side, and dark (heat absorbing) on the reverse. Dual shades can be reversed according to the season, with the reflective surface facing the warmest side. For instance, the white side should face outward during summer and inward in winter. You can further increase their efficiency by having them drawn all day.

There are many different kinds of shades, such as Roman shades, which feature sealed edges around multiple layers of fiber batting. Roman shades are popular, as they offer both an air barrier and insulation, and they help control air infiltration better than other types of soft window treatments.

Why Choose Shutters?

Shutters are useful for reducing heat loss and gain in the home. When opened, your interior shutters need a space to the side of the window. They are fastened to the window trim or jams. Perfect for sash or bay windows, shutters provide privacy and are adjustable for light conditions.

Shutters have clean, crisp lines that complement any decor style while adding functionality and visual appeal. It can therefore increase your home’s value, partly due to the increased energy efficiency.

Also, unlike vinyl blinds, shutters are silent when a breeze blows through the home, and don’t get in the way like curtains do; instead, shutters remain in place. They are also much more durable and easy to maintain. Simply wipe your shutters with a damp cloth.

When you consider buying blinds or shutters, opt for the best quality brands that offer extended warranties. Sky Blinds offers free home consultations to ensure that you make the best decision.