Buying Blinds: Styles, Materials & Other Considerations

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Vertical Blinds

So you’ve decided to get blinds for your home, but which type is best? Does it really matter what you choose? With so much choice available these days, it is important to take your time and obtain some expert advice before you make your choice. The reason for this is that wooden blinds, fabric blinds and aluminum blinds will all have a very different effect on the atmosphere and the style of your home.

Understanding the different options available in terms of design and material choices, will go a long way to helping you choose the best window treatments or shutters that will suit your home and lifestyle requirements best.

The most common types of blinds on the market, include:

Venetian blinds

These horizontal blinds have wooden or plastic slats that are suspended by cords. It gives you full control over the amount of sunlight and privacy you want.

Venetian blinds require very little maintenance are available in a wide range of colors and designs.

Roman blinds

Made from soft fabric, roman blinds lie flat against the window. They raise up into pleats, allowing for good levels of light blocking and privacy. This is a stylish, sophisticated option, which is also available in a range of colors and materials.

Roller blinds

These blinds are made using a stiff fabric, which rolls up onto a tube. Easy to operate and durable, roller blinds are inexpensive and offer the same benefits as other blinds.

Plantation shutters

While plantation shutters require more up-front investment than others, they are very durable and save energy at the same time. Plantation shutters have a wide slat (louvre) and are commonly used to cover interior windows.

Light filtering blinds

Blackout blinds usually use a double blind to provide both light filtering and privacy. The light filtering blind uses mesh and operates just like a roller blind, with the same effect as a sheer curtain.

Factors to Consider When Shopping for Blinds

These days, everyone wants to save as much money as possible and opt for aluminium venetian blinds, or perhaps vinyl roller blinds. They are inexpensive, however there is also very little heat retention.

You can reduce heat loss by ensuring that you leave no gaps for air to get through. Shutters are usually best for cold climates as they offer great insulation, since they allow fewer air gaps than blinds do, thus offering more energy efficiency that offsets the initial costs.

Since you only need to buy blinds once every few years, it is important to consider long term quality

Best blinds for Bathrooms & Kitchens

When it comes to wet rooms, it is important to choose waterproof materials that can be cleaned easily. Bathroom blinds should block out light in order to help you maintain privacy.

Therefore, wet room blinds or shutters are more about the material than the style. Great materials for these rooms include synthetic materials, or fabric with an acrylic coating. They are available in both roller blinds and venetian blinds.

Quality blinds do more than just blocking out your neighbors’ prying eyes. It also blocks out summer heat and winter cold. Speak to one of our blind experts today about the best choices for your specific needs.