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Skylight Blinds Toronto

Skylights are important for any room! They allow plenty of natural daylight to enter into your room. But the same daylight can be little glaring and bring unpleasant heat to your room.

That’s where our skylight blinds come into the picture.

Skylight Blinds by Sky Blinds

Skylight blindsAt Sky Blinds of Toronto, we offer an amazing collection of skylight blinds to fit any size and shape of skylight. We allow our customers to choose from our broad variety of blackout and dimout fabrics that perfectly match the interior of any room in your office or home.

We know that skylights come in strange and one-off shapes as well as a vast range of sizes. That’s why we offer expertly made blinds made to measure and installed by our seasoned professionals. It means you’ll get what fits your needs perfectly.

What makes our Skylight Blinds Unique?

Reduced Energy Bills

We understand that everyone wants to reduce their energy bills. This is where our energy saving skylight blinds Toronto help you. These blinds reduce heat loss during winters. During warm months of the summer season, our blinds will help keeping the excess heat out due to their honeycomb structure.

Amazing Good Looks

We offer a great collection of skylight blinds that look great and add a beautiful touch to your skylights. Our products come in a range of super-stylish designs from classic floral patterns to stripped ones. You can choose blinds with gorgeous textures that best complement the interior of your room.

Overall, our skylight blinds combine functionality and beauty to give you the total daylight control, privacy, and comfort.


You can use a ladder to reach your skylight. But, isn’t that too inconvenient and unsafe?

This is where our motorization option helps you. Our smart home motorized skylight blinds allow you control the daylight in your room with convenience. You don’t need to make efforts to reach those hard-to-reach areas in your room to eliminate and settle the sun’s glare.

Our skylight blinds in Toronto come with either a remote control or controls fitted on your wall. Both these solutions are easy-to-use and comfortable so you can set the position of your skylight blinds instantly while lying on your couch.

Types of Skylight Blinds we Offer

Skylight window coverings

To put our customers at ease, we offer skylight blinds compatible with almost all skylights. We have products from different manufacturers at amazing prices.

We offer the following types of skylight blinds:

Room Darkening Skylight Blinds

Double pleated or flat skylight blind can convert day into night! Yes, you read it right. They block even the brightest sunlight, making this product a perfect choice for rooms that require complete room darkening, such as your bedroom.

This skylight blind can be solar-powered or manually powered. So, no wiring is required at the time of installation. Just snap into place and operate with an included keypad remote.

Light Filtering Skylight Blinds

Direct sunlight is not an issue now! Our light filtering skylight blind softens and diffuse the light that will otherwise enter your room. Light filtering skylight blinds are perfect for any room where you want diffused light such as living rooms and kitchens. These not only look good but also provide protection.

Venetian Skylight Blinds

These skylight blinds make the entire operation very simple and convenient. These solutions come with a control mechanism which allows you to position your skylight blind at any angle and point on your window. These products allow better control over the amount as well as the direction of light. Because of this, these skylight blinds make an ideal choice or any room where aesthetics and control are important.

Have More Control over Your Environment

Most of the customers want to control and light coming from skylights. Sky Blinds offer amazing and cost-effective solutions to this problem. It offers following:

  • Add drama and style to any room in your office or home
  • Reduce glare and open up space by positioning skylights above windows.
  • Skylight blinds increase the overall energy efficiency of your skylight by over 50%
  • Placing skylight blinds in your bathroom and bedroom will serve well where privacy and light are your top priority.

Control Heat and Enjoy Light

Our meticulously created skylight blinds know how to trap heat in summer and allow heat out in the room during cold winter months. Our stylish and energy-efficient blinds will give you a total climate control all year round plus the level of privacy you want.

Contact us to book a design consultation with us or choose the right product for your skylights. We will help you choose the right skylight blind in Toronto at the best price!