Roller shutters made of galvanized steel are the most secure system of the roller market today. At the same time, the use of modern high-quality materials, textures and paints in the manufacture of shutters, gives it lightness and sophistication. We are sure that seeing them once – you are unlikely to remain indifferent.

Steel shutters are designed to block any openings: windows, doors, shutters to the entrance or to the garage, depot and storage facilities. The main criterion that divides steel shutters from aluminum is, of course, protection. Galvanized steel with a rolling profile up to 1 mm thick will give odds even to extruded aluminum. A wide range of color profiles , presented with the textures shagreen and gloss, emphasize the corporate identity.

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  • Burglar protection – the rigidity of the steel structure roller shutter provides the best protection, preventing the situation of departure of the web from the guides
  • Impact resistance – the profile withstands a tensile strength of 700 kg per linear meter, which makes it possible to violate the integrity of the structure only using special techniques
  • Powder spray painting and subsequent baking provides resistance to corrosion and fading
  • Automatic control – a universal mount allows you to install an electric drive on either side of the structure
  • Jacking locking system – excludes lifting roller shutters by physical force
  • Reliable fixation of the system in the opening – by welding or on hardware
  • The ability to install an emergency lift lock


Execution Options
Rolling Profile Galvanized steel (50 mm, 76 mm)
Box 45 ° rectangular box
Mounting Methods On an aperture, in an aperture box out (inside)
Limit gauge 33 sq.m
Control Automatic


Steel galvanized profile is not so common in the market, however, it has already confidently occupied its niche. The steel profile is extremely rigid, which makes it the best option in terms of protective properties, but has a low level of heat and sound insulation properties. Usually, shutters with this profile are installed in the so-called “cold rooms” where there is no need for thermal insulation.

H 50 c

50 mm Profile

H 76 c 1

76 mm Profile

The profile is painted by powder spraying during subsequent baking at high temperatures, which protects the paint from burnout and mechanical damage, and the profile from the oxidation process.

steel colors 2

The steel profile has a raster of 10 standard colors

In steel shutters, all components, like the blade, are made of steel. The guides are made of galvanized steel with a thickness of 2 mm, which gives the roller shutter construction additional rigidity. In addition to impressive guides, the design is strengthened by mounting in the opening both by welding and hardware at the same time.


Welding assembly


76 mm Profile

The steel box roller provides reliable protection of the canvas and the intra-shaft electric drive , since it is extremely impractical to supply such a massive structure with manual control. But in case of power failure, steel shutters can be equipped with an emergency opening mechanism, access to which is protected by a removable lock.

avariinoe otkruvanie

Steel box with emergency unlocking

Thus, all design decisions are aimed at making steel shutters the best possible option, if the question is about a high degree of protection, and not just about the anti-vandal barrier.


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