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Roller Shades

Roller blinds offer ease of operation and are highly durable, which makes them popular with both home and business owners. A range of operating systems offer flexibility, and include everything from chain drive to spring assisted and even fully motorized options. This makes roller blinds a great addition to most rooms. Motorized roller blinds can be controlled from a central location. Made from high quality fabrics and equipped with long, steel tubes, roller blinds are the number one choice for a lasting, aesthetically pleasing window covering.

Freshen up the look of your windows with our stunning roller blinds

Are you planning to give your windows a unique treatment? Whether you’re a homeowner or own an office, roller blinds or roller shades make a budget-friendly and stylish solution to spruce up your windows.

Here comes Sky Blinds

At Sky Blinds, we offer an eclectic mix of roller blinds in Toronto made of gorgeous sheer fabrics. We select high-quality material to complement and coordinate almost every room in the office or home. You will find an amazing colorful spectrum and endless choices to help you plan a striking interior design scheme.

You can add contemporary eyelets, poles, and scallops for a personalized choice with our made-to-measure roller blinds that will perfectly complement your home décor.

Roller Blinds – Simple, Versatile and Cost-Effective Window Treatment

Roller shades involve no messing with fabric vanes and slats of wood. If you look for less fuss and low maintenance, roller blinds are for you.

Because these are made of fabric, roller shades in Toronto go well with any room, whether it’s in your office or home. Also, they can execute any large-scale pattern that will be difficult on other fabric blinds.

Above all, the fabric is cheaper than other material such as wood and metal used for window treatments. If you want to enhance the decoration of your room on a budget, roller shades are a fabulous and pocket-friendly choice to make your windows glow.

What makes us different?

When it comes to custom window treatment, spending lots of time choosing the best options in a sea of treatments don’t make sense.

Here, at Sky Blinds, we offer a selected and exclusive variety of roller blinds that are sure to suit any need and taste. Whether you’re imagining your windows in a classic touch or want to lend a bohemian vibe, we get you covered.

Our roller blinds come in a range of cheery patterns and fascinating colors. We offer both cord- and chain-operated roller shades.

Hassle-Free Installation

We send out on-site specialists to your place to get a better idea of what exactly you are looking for. Moreover, we will install the window treatment or roller shades at your location.

Don’t worry about even a single scratch on your windows! Our experienced and trained professionals will install roller blinds to windows of any size and shape while ensuring that everything is accomplished satisfactorily in one go.

Big Style at Small Cost – Made to Measure Roller Blinds

All roller blinds are individually manufactured to customers’ specific needs using our quality material and workmanship. Our roller blinds not only fit excellently but function better too, compared to low-cost readymade blinds. All roller blinds are made on demand and delivered to your doorstep.

The popularity of roller blinds is mainly attributed to the style and versatility they offer to windows. For example, blackout roller blinds make an excellent solution to prevent unwanted light from entering your room. It’s required mainly during the summer season when the sunrise may disturb your sleep.

Variety of Roller Blinds:

Besides blackout roller blinds, we offer impressive patterns of blinds that will make a striking contribution to the décor of your space. The timeless charm of stripped roller shades makes a perfect choice for homes. Similarly, eye-catchy poppy blinds add an amazing pop of color and delicate feminine touch to any area.

From script and plain to floral and comical patterns, at Sky Blinds, we cater for all preferences and tastes. Choose a style that you believe goes well with your interior. The appearance of roller blinds looks great when accompanied with curtains in rooms where you want to add details or privacy.

Single Fabric Roller Blinds  

Single fabric roller blinds allow you to customize the color, fabric, and lining that best matches your taste.

  • Blackout fabric will block natural light from entering your space
  • Transparent fabric to filter light and eliminate glare
  • Available in a broad variety of finishes to match any interior

Double Fabric Roller Blinds

Also known as ‘duo blind,’ these roller blind in Toronto feature two layers of fabric. Each layer moves independently from each other to allow you effortless control.

  • Privacy of Venetian blinds in classic fabric design
  • Adjustable fabric layer will give you more control over light filtering
  • Raise or lower the fabric as with a normal roller shade

Excellent Quality at Decent Price Guaranteed!

At Sky Blinds, we offer quality roller blinds accompanied with huge discounts and price-saving options. We are confident in our pricing and quality of product delivered to you.

Bring your window space to life with our roller blinds in Toronto.

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