Skyblind’s Alto pergolas are specially designed for relaxation areas. These are all-weather sun-protection systems of a terrace type of increased wind resistance (withstand gusts of up to 6 points on the Beaufort scale). Skyblind’s Alto pergolas allow you to expand the space for relaxation. They create a comfortable shadow and protect from rain. Have a good time at home in the fresh air, add a comfortable shadow by the pool to hide from the scorching sun at noon, relax on the terrace of the summer cafe.

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ALTO pergolas are motorized modular structures that are used to shade and expand space. Pergolas consist of load-bearing structures made of aluminum and steel, powder-painted, and a sliding awning. Pergolas have a high degree of protection against rain and are resistant to strong winds (up to 50 km/h).

alto 500 big

ALTO pergola systems  are used both as an extension to the house and as a stand-alone structure. The canvas pergola from special PVC does not support combustion; it is made with a reinforcing layer “Blackout” and, thanks to this, the underside of the canvas practically does not heat up in the sun. The maximum width of the structure is up to 12 m., The extension is up to 8 m., And this area (96 sq. M.) Is covered with one continuous sheet.


Skyblinds offer you different types of pergola installation methods that you can choose from according to your requirements.

pergolas m 1
pergolas m 2
pergolas m 3
pergolas m 4


All the main parts of the system are made of aluminum and powder coated.
Can be painted in any color according to the RAL catalog

pergolas color 1
pergolas color 2
pergolas color 3
pergolas color 4


Each pergola is equipped with a support stand with a built-in storm drain.

ALTO pergolus systems use all-weather track compactors to prevent lateral transfusion (4).
The cable channel (5) is used when using LED backlight, and it is also possible to use it as an additional sealant.


1. Track    2. Intermediate profile of the web    3. Runner    4. Sealant of the track

5. Cable channel (additional seal)   6. PVC web    7. Omega profile


  • Two types of systems: The company’s assortment includes two pergolas systems – Alto 500 and Alto 800. Excellent design and various technical capabilities will allow any client to find the most suitable option for themselves.
  • Stylish design: Two different system designs, two colors of Serge Ferrari PVC canvas, a choice of the color of the supporting structure according to the RAL catalog at no extra charge.
  • Custom installation solutions: The modular construct of the pergola allows you to solve various problems of shading and expanding the usable space.
  • Reliable windproof design: Specialized supporting materials and webs are designed for all-weather use. (When using pergolas in winter, precipitation in the form of snow should be removed from the surface of the canvas).
  • Sun and rain protection: Waterproof pergola continuous canvas – Serge Ferrari Blackout three-layer PVC provides 100% protection against rain and overheating.
  • Full close: If necessary, complete closure along the perimeter with vertical systems (reflexols) and side triangles is possible.
  • Additional options: Side triangles, decorative fabric and LED lighting, premium performance of individual components of the ALTO-800 model.
  • Automatic control: The systems are equipped with engines and SOMFY RTS controls.

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