Sky Blinds has a rich legacy, of about 20 years, making a difference to the perspective of residential and commercial properties.  Our intelligently-designed blinds Montreal use German mechanics and fabrics that are world-famous for their quality and robustness. Our custom blinds Montreal design philosophy has always been to combine elegance and utilitarian benefits. In turn, this helps us create window treatments that appease the senses and achieve the ultimate goal of preserving the interiors of a property as well as occupant comfort.

Our single-minded focus is on upholding the standard we have set, when it comes to window covers, be it blinds, shades or shutters. Over the years we have worked with several vendors and our experience, in combination with the access to a variety of raw materials,  set us apart.  Our sensational window treatment systems have suited both our residential and commercial clients’ unique décor themes.

The Sky Blinds Store, Montreal, has a smorgasbord of appealing and functional interior blinds and shades, exterior shutters, Roman Shades, Zebra Roller shades, motorized and cutting-edge sun protection systems.

Are you ready to work with Sky Blinds to change your perspective? Feel free to walk yourself through our website and take a look at the different kinds of products we offer. Leave us your details and our sales team will give you a call to discuss your brand new window treatments.

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Bespoke Blinds & Custom Curtains Montreal

Whether you own a townhouse, a condo, a restaurant or a banquet hall, windows form an important element of your property’s architecture. Not only do windows let bright light in, but when properly positioned and with the right coverings, windows are the necessary addition that breathes life into space.

In Canada, a window becomes much more important. Over cold winters, when all you want to do is stay indoors, windows offer the much-needed respite to view the outdoors. In the summer, a window when adequately-covered can let a cooling breeze in when keeping out the ultraviolet radiation.

For close to two decades, Sky Blinds has fitted window coverings Montreal for a number of clients, meeting their diverse needs. We handle both the manufacturing and installations of Montreal blinds, cutting through the middle-man cost that other companies might charge to you.

Sky Blinds, a blind store Montreal-wide, has established a reputation for improving the perspective and elevating the appearance of rooms, be it for residential, commercial or recreational setups.

For residences, they offer a variety of blinds. Their natural bamboo shades are organic and offer a calming aura to the residents. Roman blinds, which can be made from bamboo, cane, wood, aluminum, and fabric, add a regal tone to any room. Pleated or cellular shades are elegant and sensible for homeowners, who seek protection from direct sunlight as well as the best window blinds Montreal can offer.

For commercial establishments, Sky Blinds offers custom blinds of all kinds. Horizontal blinds are ideal for covering a vast stretch of windows. Vertical blinds are the preferred choice for many retailers with floor-to-ceiling covering requirements. Zebra blinds have neatly-adjustable panels that could be rolled up halfway or pulled down, so you can enjoy the duality of sunlight and shade at once!

A new innovation in the field of custom curtains is motorized blinds. Incorporated with a mechanism that can be connected via Alexa and Siri, the blinds can be remotely-controlled. Engineered for today’s technologically-driven citizens, the cutting-edge motorized blinds take creature comfort to a new level.

There are several ways by which we can improve your perspective and your outlook of the world, simply through the right window treatments. To learn how, leave us your details and our sales team will give you a call to discuss your brand new window treatments.

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